Best Symbian Phone to use RaceChrono

Hi all,

which phone is for you the best to use with raceChrono?

I'm saying this for:
- best Performance
-best Screen to see the live timing consisting of last lap , best lap ,....

thank's in advance


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    For Symbian phones I'd say E71. Nokia 5800 is great as well, big screen with very good resolution, but I hear it has a problem with direct sunlight. Windows Mobile phones I don't know well enough.
  • i got a nokia phone solely to use for this, basically i'm pretending it's a pda. i got the 6120 classic on ebay and am very pleased. it was $82 shipped yet has the same arm11 369mhz processor as those above. aol after i sort out some other things i owe you a donation, thanks for producing such a great program!
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    Yes I like the 6120 a lot as well. Cheap and small. A bit small screen though. Early thanks for the donation! :)
  • yes the only thing is the screen, but i think i can mount it above the vent in my car and see lap times just fine. hard to beat the price! i think few are even looking for it here in the US. very economical on ebay.
  • Are there any symbian phones with built-in GPS that log higher than 1hz?
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    All internal GPS are 1 hz, and also a bit inaccurate as well. So a proper 1 Hz external is better than the internal on the Symbian phones. Some windows phones have Sirf3 as internal, which is a good 1 hz chipset, but not all.
  • Thank's for all opinions. Next weekend I try to get the new track of "Castelloli" Supermoto Circuit, is a Small circuit inside that is for Karting,supermoto,pocket bike,...

    If everythin it's ok for me I owe to you a donation. thank's for this amazing software.
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