What do I need for an Iphone timer setup?

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So I just bought the App and use an iphone 8. After my first track day I managed to get some sketchy data but it was fairly difficult to make it work. I have 2 OBD2 dongles and can't get either to work with the app.

I want to have
- Go Pro (happy to sync later as it appears I need channels for OBDII)
- OBD 2 (GM LS engine and ECU- vehicle speed, engine speed, throttle, other channels if possible)
- Decent GPS for accurate timing and data

Would it be cheaper to just get a second hand android? It looks like the iphone isn't a great choice for this app?


  • I should note that I have a bluetooth and wifi OBD dongle and neither work. They rarely have passwords and I can't seem to add one to the wifi dongle but it looks like it should work if I can
  • @LukeT, on iOS only Bluetooth (LE) receivers that work are TonWon and KiWi 3. This is due to iOS not supporting the "standard" Bluetooth serial readers. The Wi-Fi reader should work, but you need to know the TCP/IP port number and password for the device.

    Recommended GPS receivers are listed here: http://racechrono.com/article/faq/which-external-gps-should-i-buy
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