problem with video overlay export iPhone

when i export a video with overlay i can't see any overlay.
I tried with two different iPhones.
The original video format is 853 × 480 codec h.264.


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    Hi @AlexS

    1) What is the video source? iPhone camera or some action cam?

    2) How do you view the exported video? The normal action is to use the tap the menu button on the exported item once it's complete, and select "Move to Photos app". Then it will appear at "RaceChrono exports" folder on the photos app.
  • Hi Aol,

    1) GoPro Hero 3+;
    2) I view the video with the impressions as artifacts (here a screenshot 24-09-18, 14 57 06.jpeg?dl=0). I view the exported video in the "RaceChrono exports"
  • Solved. I exported the file as .m4v and now works well. Thanks. Alex
  • Thanks @AlexS, great to hear it's working now. Although I'm still interested on the problem itself. Did you convert the video file somehow before moving it to the iPhone? If you use the raw .MP4 file from the camera sdcard, it should just work as-is.
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