RaceChrono v6.1 beta for Android (beta feedback thread)

As Google+ is discontinued soon, please post your feedback for RaceChrono for Android beta versions here. Instructions on how to join the beta group: https://racechrono.com/article/faq/how-do-i-join-the-beta-group


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    Hello dear testers! There is a new beta version (v6.1.0) for Android in the Play Store! There's no really new features, just improved custom OBD-II PIDs and completed Android 10 support.

    IMPORTANT CHANGE: Apps can no longer directly read or write files outside their private folders on Android 10, so this forced some changes in RaceChrono too:
    1) RaceChrono no longer storages it's raw video files in /DCIM/RaceChrono/ . All files including raw video files are now storaged inside RaceChrono's private folders.
    2) The video files placed in /DCIM/RaceChrono/ are still recognised by RaceChrono, but the app will not save new ones there.
    3) There is new "Move to Media store" menu option for exported and raw video files. It will move the video files from app private folder to /DCIM/RaceChrono/ folder.

    Full change log: https://racechrono.com/article/352

    Let me know how it works! Please give feedback either by reply to this thread, or contact through the feedback form in the support section of this website. All feedback is appreciated, but please contact especially if you see something wrong with it.

    Known issues so far: Some of the localisations still missing on some languages.

    iOS version will be available once the Android beta is properly tested. Naturally the part about Android 10 and private folders does not apply to iOS.
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    Just uploaded another beta, v6.1.2, it should be available in Play Store in couple of hours. Added support for Dark Theme (Android 10 feature) and some new hardware, and fixed quite a few bugs. Full change log here: https://racechrono.com/article/352 . Please try it and then give me feedback!
  • Just thought I would take a second to gather my thoughts and provide some feedback, especially regarding the latest custom OBD stuff. Overall it's great and love the way the app functions and from a technical perspective I get the best refresh rate out of any other phone app that I've tried. So this is really just ideas to make it even better in the future or changes that I would personally like to see:

    Custom PID custom naming/units: Right now the app lets you choose from a big list of presets, so naturally some things are missing, but a custom name/units would be great and make it future-proof. For example I can monitor cylinder 1-4 knock but there is no such preset. There's several others that don't correlate to a dropdown option, so I think custom name/unit would be best for everyone down the road. Also, the ability to set output value precision/decimal places would be nice. I might just be screwing up the equation somehow, but for example my custom PIDs for knock only displays whole numbers. I used floating point value in the equation, but I still may be screwing something up with that.

    Car profiles: I really liked the addition of the car profiles so you can have different sets of high/low rate PIDs selected for different cars. In an extension of this, it would be great if the "gauge screen" while recording (the screen to the right of the lap timer screen) was also linked to a specific car profile. For example when I switch cars, the logged PIDs change and I still have to manually go and edit all the gauges once I start a session.

    Gauges screen: Talking about the same 'gauges' screen as the last point... a "nice to have" feature here would be to also in small text show a min and max value. For example if I have knock as a gauge.... I won't be able to stare at it constantly, but a quick glance over and I can see if I've had any knock during the last few mins or last lap or whatever as an early heads up. Some sort of configurable "alerts" would be really neat too one day.
  • @aaronc7 thank you for the detailed feedback!

    Channel naming: I could possibly add "tags" for channels, but I cannot make them completely custom due to various internal reasons in the app. This is related how sessions are compared, and I do not want to break that. What I can easily do is add new selectable channels if you like, just make a list with names and units (if the channel has measurable units).

    Gauges screen: Yes, I could add configurable screens that could be somehow linked to the car profiles being used. Maybe also overlay configurations?

    There will be new overlay/gauges editor in next major version, with much more configuration options. The current one has big limitations and I have started a rewrite on it.
  • Here's a list of channel tags that I could use based on my current car and custom PIDs I've been able to locate:

    - Air Fuel Ratio (I've seen on other cars but it is not an option for custom PID for me)
    - Wastegate duty cycle (%)
    - Knock (degrees)

    I think linking overlay and gauge config to a specific car profile is a good idea too. Different cars I log different things, so usually I will have a different overlay setup.
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