Ghost rider, Compare best laps 2017 2018

Hi. I bought the pro version. Congratulations it's great! I have some questions, If I would like compare my 2017 best lap with mine 2018 how can I? I would like to see 2 arrows on the satellite, one my best 2017 (ghost rider) and one the 2018. Is it possible? Is there a PC program to analyse the data? What is your suggestion? Kind regards


  • Could be nice create a kind of "new session" with a selected laps (best 2016, 17 19....) and compare it. The ghost rider arrows should go slower or faster...not same understand where I loose and where I save time in the track.
  • Hi, in Pro (and Analysis pack) there is a feature "Add reference lap" that can be found from the menu on top of lap list. That allows you to compare laps from two separate sessions. Also if you want to "disconnect the sync" between the two laps, or rather disable the scaling of the comparison lap, you can do that from the analysis settings. Just do set "Comparison scaling" to "None".
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