"Package corrupted" after update

Yesterday I went to a track day. As I was opening the app, it displayed a box stating "Package corrupted" as title and with the text "Installation package is corrupted, please reinstall".
I was in a hurry, removed the app, installed again. Same error. I uninstalled, got out of the Beta program (where I was participating due to a previously reported bug, to test the solution) and installed the standard Pro. That worked and I did my tracks and all looked nice.
Today I was going to do the manual sync of my SJCAM videos on the phone, and I see that the standard version was upgraded today. To my dismay, it gives the same error.

I'm very afraid to uninstall as yesterday I lost data from around 15 track days. I have the highlights of them on the overlaid videos but I can't compare anymore. But if I lose my data from yesterday, I'll be really sad...
Please help!

Today's update was to RaceChronoPro 5.5.2 and I'm a Pro user since 2015, I think
Phone is Elephone S8 with Android 7.1.1
Don't know what additional data I should provide...



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    Hi @HappyFather ,

    Thank you for reporting the issue. I've halted the rollout for new users, but you'll have to wait until I get this thing fixed, as Android does not let you downgrade without uninstalling. And uninstalling will delete your sessions.

    First thing to do here is to backup your session files:

    So basically zip and copy safety the folder:
    /Android/data/com.racechrono.app/files/ or

    This does not cover video files though.

    I'll investigate, I might have additional questions soon.
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    I've emailed you. Also I tested on 20 different phones and none of them fail like yours. I may need to buy similar phone or something...
  • There's a potentially fixed version available in the beta group (instructions to join in the FAQ). Please try if you're experiencing same problem.
  • And let me add that the new version fixed the problem. The app now opens again!
    Thank you!!! 5* support, as always!
  • Perfect! Thank you for reporting the problem!
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