Broadcom BCM47755 and Xiaomi MI8/MI9

Any experience on that? Now I have a Garmin GLO + Samsung S3 Neo but isn't so accurate on the go kart. Often the accurancy is very bad and losts some laps each stint. Also with over 10/12 sats locked. Also when the time lap is ok, paths are completely wrong.


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    Garmin GLO _should_ be very good when properly mounted to a place without radio interference and clear view to sky. The internal GPS on phones are usually not that good and always only 1 Hz. No idea if the chip on the MI is better than usual.
  • I'm not agree... Garming GLO has a good frequency update (real 7/8 Hz), the problem is old GPS and GLONASS system that don't assure a great precision (more than 3/5m) . Over that the system seems not compatible with great accelerations (more than 2G) and tight corners.
    So, for automobilies it's ok, for kart is not so good, also with a perfect installation on the helmet. Tested!
    This new chip is compatible with new GNSS systems (Galileo E1/E5a, GPS L5) and assures more precision (<1m) and stability.
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    RaceChrono works great in karting even when using GPS and/or GLONASS. The lap to lap accuracy is better than 3/5 meters, but the absolute day to day precision is about that of course.

    But losing laps tells me you have some other problem, than just the inherent precision problem in GPS or GLONASS.

    That said, I cannot wait for Galileo to improve the recorded positioning data. The system should be fully operational 2020, so I'm guessing we'll see consumer receivers for it soon. I'm guessing the external receivers will be better in Galileo too, as the integrated antennas on phones are never too good due to compact size and interference from other components.

  • This weekend I tried on antother track (Circuito internazionale d'abruzzo - Ortona) and the system worked very very well. 171 laps done, over 240 km and with only 100m path wrong after a cold start of Garmin GLO!!! The problem on first track (Valle del pantano - Artena) mayby are external interferences. I don't know which one. But is not a problem of antenna installation, I always use the same place on my helmet and on karts drivers are always open sky. Maybe nearby mountains, mobile antennas etc.
    GPS L5 and Galileo E5 are born for this: upper frequencies are strongest to interferencies.
  • Atmospheric interference is also possible... But definitely mountains etc. will affect.
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