OTG USB storage support

I'm about to head out for another trackday (3rd event using RCP) and realised it'd be really nice if RCP supported OTG storage as it doesnt appear to at the moment.
I use a gopro4 to record, which obviously has a microSD card. The wifi on the gopro isn't the fastest and i find i have to copy 20GB of videos to the phone takes a long time so chargers and uninterrupted copy periods are required.
What i thought would be nice is to have an OTG cable, usb to microsd adapter and put the gopro card in and copy the video files like that.
then i realized why copy to internal storage at all? it'd save copy time, and save having both the source & exported file on the same storage - doubles the requirements and potentially halving the processing time assuming storage is the limiting factor.

Could a feature in RCP allow the source video file on the OTG side, and then use the internal storage as the exported content?
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