laptime + speed in one screen?

Hi, is it possible to show the (GPS) speed in the same screen as the laptimes? I found the layout that enables 2 extra 'blocks' of data, but I can't select the source of their data.

In case you're wondering: 'Why?' - the speedometer on the car is not very accurate and during a Virtual Safety car/Code60 the rules are very strict on not speeding during that period.


  • Sure you can. You probably just missed something. There's an edit button on the timer screen. Press that, and then you can select the layout (like you found out). There's now edit buttons on each of the blocks too. Press one of those and you can select the data source for them.

    Notice the data source selection only includes the channels already been recorded to that session. So if you do not have lock to satellites, then the data source selection is empty. So record some data first and then configure the view.
  • Thanks! I knew it had to be possible :) The GPS unit was not connected when I tried, so that's why it didn't show up.
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