Questions about RaceChrono Pro telemetry with ODB2 adapter


I am thinking about getting RaceChrono Pro to use with a OBDLink LX Bluetooth but had a few questions as I can't try these things myself without paying for the app:

1) Will the location come from the car via the ODBLink device, or from my phone's GPS? In case it matters, I'm driving a 2017 BMW M140i and the car does have an internal GPS.
2) Can the format of the telemetry be changed, e.g. can the throttle position be a simple vertical bar instead of the big % dial?
3) Can you select each channel of telemetry data you want to display on the video? e.g. can you select to display only throttle position, speed and g forces if you've captured those channels + a bunch of others?
4) When you add the telemetry display to the video and export, does it re-encode the video? I'm wondering if there's going to be any quality loss.



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    1) Location from the phone internal GPS or external bluetooth GPS will be used. RaceChrono is not able to use the GPS built-in within cars.

    2) Not in the current version. A richer overlay editor is in the product road map. The plan is allow more freedom and options.

    3) Almost anything that is recorded can be displayed in the video overlay. There's an overlay editor that allows adding new gauges.

    4) Videos are stored in their "raw" sate, meaning there is no overlay present. When a video with overlay is needed, you will need to export overlaid video: . There is a slight quality loss when you export. Naturally you'll need to export again, if you want different overlay for the exported video. The analysis screen will draw overlay over the raw videos, so export is not needed there. Usually you'll need overlaid video only when you're publishing it.
  • Thanks for the response, I will grab one of the recommended GPS and ODBLink devices.
  • Hi aol, I got a Garmin GLO2, ODBLink LX and RaceChrono pro. Is it better to record speed data from the GPS or from the ODB data?
  • It's a good idea to record both always.
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