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Remote display

Hello aol,
I would like to suggest a new feature:
I am a Racechrono user since a long time (motorcycle), and I really appreciate the app !

Currently I keep the phone in my inner pocket and watch the times after the session.
Would it be possible (or is it already possible) to send the timing infos over BT, so I can build a DIY remote display.
The system could be expanded with other values later (RPM, speed, ...).

Thanks for your time ;)


  • That's a great idea and actually already on my TO-DO list :)
  • @neoraptor nice idea
  • Why not use the phone itself as the "remote display" though?
  • You could do a semi-permanent DIY display, and keep the phone in your pocket.
  • @LM_ sometimes its difficult to find a location for the phone on a motorcycle and I have also had the tech inspection not accept a phone strapped/velcroed to the motorcycle.

    I'd probably use the option if available. I could mount the phone somewhere under the fairing or behind the gauges and just build a display that is smaller for timing that I can glance at by the gauges.

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