Anglesey Circuit Start finish line has moved in real life.

Hi, I raced here 2 weeks ago. The track in the library has the start finish lines at the old location. The new location is after the next corner and in front of the new pit lane.
See link


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    Just checked the track library. Notice there's 3 different layouts in the RaceChrono Track Library. "Anglesey National" uses the "Start/Finish 2" location from that map, and "Anglesey GP" and "Anglesey Coastal" uses the "Start/Finish 1" location. It there a third location, or what...?
  • The "Coastal" and "International GP" layouts use Start Finish 1 as per the png linked above. Only the National Circuit uses Start Finish 2. (it doesn't use that part of the track).
    This page shows you all versions.
  • The library looks to be up-to-date. If you have downloaded old versions before, it may open the old versions. If you want to update, just delete the old version, and then download new one.
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