Issue with external bluetooth GPS

Hi all,

I am using the app (pro version) for couple of years when I go to car track days and I am very happy with it. I have changed several Android phones and always had almost no issues.

But last week I have bought a new phone - Huawei P Smart 2019 .. and I experience some issues.

In general - when I connect to external GPS - 5Hz or 10Hz (tried both - Qstarz 818X and Qstarz 818XT) it connects, it shows 5Hz for a second and after that the refresh rate drops to under 1Hz

You can see that the phone is connected for 5 minutes here and the refresh rate is 0.5Hz:

I have tried giving full permissions for the app, I have tried disabling all the power management for this app and still the issue is the same.

I have connected to the exact same GPSs with my other Samsung phone without issues. Also a fried tried now to connect with his Android phone to this GPS and he also does not have issues. So I am guessing something with the phone .. but what exactly?

Thank you in advance


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