FR-S/BRZ Oil Temperature PID

Has anyone managed to create a custom PID for engine oil temperature in RaceChrono for an FR-S/BRZ?

I’ve tried without luck.


  • aolaol
    edited August 2019
    Hi, I've emailed you about the problem with OBD-II header. The OBDLink screenshot had 7E0 for the header (and 0x2101 as PID and "A-40" as equation). Unfortunately RaceChrono currently uses the default OBD-II header only, so this doesn't work at the moment. Next version (v6.1) will add this functionality.
  • Looking forward to 6.1! I just got a new car and all of the custom PIDs are 7E0 headers as well. Will be happy to test out on the beta when it's out.
  • I would be happy to test it too, thanks.

  • Sure, it will be first available in Android beta group. I can make it available for iOS too (Test Flight) if anyone needs it.
  • @aaronc7 @stewart23 v6.1 has now been uploaded to the beta group (Android only). Let me know if this works now.
  • Using the latest beta that allows for custom PIDs and ODB2 headers, I got my oil temps working with these settings:


    Channel: Engine oil temperature (C)
    Channel Postfix: None, None
    ODB-II Header: 0x 7E0
    PID: 0x 21 01
    Equation: bytesToUInt(raw, 28,1)-40

    The equation AC-40 floating around doesn't work because there is no variable AC in Racechrono, but AC refers to the 29th byte of the raw frame-message, so to get the 29th byte we use 28 (Arrays start with 0) in the function bytesToUInt to get the equivalent AC value.
  • @Deisou Thank you, great job figuring this out!
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