FR-S/BRZ Oil Temperature PID

Has anyone managed to create a custom PID for engine oil temperature in RaceChrono for an FR-S/BRZ?

I’ve tried without luck.


  • aolaol
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    Hi, I've emailed you about the problem with OBD-II header. The OBDLink screenshot had 7E0 for the header (and 0x2101 as PID and "A-40" as equation). Unfortunately RaceChrono currently uses the default OBD-II header only, so this doesn't work at the moment. Next version (v6.1) will add this functionality.
  • Looking forward to 6.1! I just got a new car and all of the custom PIDs are 7E0 headers as well. Will be happy to test out on the beta when it's out.
  • I would be happy to test it too, thanks.

  • Sure, it will be first available in Android beta group. I can make it available for iOS too (Test Flight) if anyone needs it.
  • @aaronc7 @stewart23 v6.1 has now been uploaded to the beta group (Android only). Let me know if this works now.
  • Using the latest beta that allows for custom PIDs and ODB2 headers, I got my oil temps working with these settings:


    Channel: Engine oil temperature (C)
    Channel Postfix: None, None
    ODB-II Header: 0x 7E0
    PID: 0x 21 01
    Equation: bytesToUInt(raw, 28,1)-40

    The equation AC-40 floating around doesn't work because there is no variable AC in Racechrono, but AC refers to the 29th byte of the raw frame-message, so to get the 29th byte we use 28 (Arrays start with 0) in the function bytesToUInt to get the equivalent AC value.
  • @Deisou Thank you, great job figuring this out!
  • @Deisou Thanks for your informaiton. I try your setting with oil temperature in my 2019 BRZ, but the value from euqation always fix on -39°C. It's seems the calculation result of "bytesToUInt(raw, 28,1)" is 1. I try both on Android and iOS with same result. I also change "28" to different arrays, the output change but not the right one obviously.

    Do you have any idea about that? Will toyota change the PIDS in new car?
  • @Deisou did you enter the custom OBD-II header, 0x7E0 ? This will not work without it.
  • @lefusu I thought this was only required for 2013 and below versions? From 2014 onwards, the original OBDII PID for engine oil temperature should just work. At least that's what I read online.
  • @aol 100% correct. I'm going to assume you were referring ro @lefusu ? Either way. Here is the screenshot link again that might help.

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    @Deisou thanks for your reply. I suspect my obd2 device(vgate buletooth) may have some problem. I found some 86/BRZ owner complaint about their obd2 device could not received oil temps on torque.

    I alread order a OBDLINK MX, hope it could work.
  • @lefusu Cool. Hope that works for you. I'm using the same one and it works a treat.

    Try get the temps without doing any of this, I got a feeling it will work with the standard PID given you're a 2019 model.
  • @Deisou

    the newer version BRZ do have digital dashboard provide oil temperature, however the scale only shows "50-90-130-170°C" which is not accurate enough. I also want to gather some data in order to evaluate my modification of the cooling system in coming summer.

    I got OBDLINK MX today and did some test. When I double checked my input to make sure it was 100% right, I think Toyota did change something. So I try to change the “28” from “1”, and got something interesting.

    I think (raw, 9,1) should be coolant temperature, and (raw,34,1) should be the engine oil temperature. I have a pivot dual gauge can show coolant and oil temps which can help me cross check the number.

    Of course, there are more test request to make sure it’s right(daily driving and track day).

    Finally my test pronounce vgate obd2 innocent. However the OBDLINK MX is much faster than vgate under the same conditions, is that means I did not waste my money ?:D
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