Lose all lap information when stop recording.

I'm running 6.0.12, which I assume is the latest Beta version.
I recorded four 5-lap sprint sessions on a racetrack yesterday, but every time, as soon as I told it to stop recording, it lost all the lap information, as if I had not started. I could see my most recent lap and "best" lap on the screen just before I pressed the BACK button, and answered yes to "Do you want to stop recording".
Then all I can see in "Sessions" is a single entry for the start of my first session, which says "19 kB 1 min (0 km)"
I'm using a Samsung S7 with an external Qstartz 818XT GPS.
I have not changed storage folders. There's plenty of room in phone memory and on the external SD card.
If I connect my phone to a PC, I can see several folders in "\Phone\Android\data\com.racechrono.app\files\sessions" which appear to correspond to each of my sessions yesterday, and they appear to contain a few 100kB of data each.
What's happening? Can I get my data back?
I've been using RaceChrono for years, and this is the first time it's played up like this.


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    I've got several reports like this from Qstarz BT-818X/XT users, it's 99% likely the problem is the same. Basically your GPS reports wrong date, 20 years back, and the new sessions are sorted to end of the list. You will find the sessions from there.

    The issue appeared on these GPS receivers this spring, when the week number rollover happened.

    Instructions how to fix or work-around: https://racechrono.com/article/faq/racechrono-displays-date-that-is-20-years-back
  • Thanks, that was it!
    I found the missing sessions down the bottom of the list, all dated 26-Dec-1999
    Nice to know I didn't lose the data after all. :)
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