Issues Exporting video & Scaleing gauges.

Hi I am new to this app and am very impressed with its features.
I have only a few little niggles, Firstly the audio in an exported video is broken up and choppy, but when playing it in the review screen it is fine, I tried turning off hardware accelleration in the export and that made the video vanish compleately with only the overlay present. diffrent quality settings changed the effect on the audio but never fixed it.
Just some background info my phone is a Moto G6 play and I have the pro version of the app.

My other small isue is that my obd reader spikes the rpm at the end of a run for some stupid reason so the top of the gauge is at about 32k rpm rather then 9, so is there a way to crop sessions down, or to force a limit.



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    Questions and tips:

    1) Your Android version?

    2) Are you using the built-in camera to record the video? If not then which camera is it?

    3) Is the exported video's audio choppy all the way through? Or only first and last 5 seconds?

    4) I'm guessing your phone is this one , right? I can buy one if it's needed to fix the problem.

    5) RPM: Strange, I thought maximum RPM in OBD would be 16k. You can override the default RPM channel in the vehicle profile. Add new OBD-II channel there, and set it's fields as following:
    Channel: Engine RPM
    Channel postfix: you can ignore these
    PID: 0x010C
    Source data: you can ignore this, this is just for testing
    Equation: max((bytesToUint(raw, 0, 2) / 4.0), 9000.0)
  • Hi sorry been really busy thanks for the reply

    Attached will be the android version

    It's choppy the whole way through and it is filmed on the internal camera

    Yes that is my phone

    I am going to experiment with lower quality recording in the comeing weeks to see if that effects it


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