Racechrono does not record laps and does not find location

So recently I am having the following problem with the app.

I am using the Racechrono Pro version of the app and a holux GPSlim 236 bluetooth gps.
The problem is that Racechrono connects to the GPS and shows good connection with between 5-11 satelites connected but in the app it does not show my location and does not suggest a nearest circuit for selection before a session.
When i manually select the track I am at it will sometimes record a lap or a few but most of the time it will not record anything.
I installed a random app from google that uses external bluetooth gps for location and it shows my location perfectly in that app. It is just that racechrono is not showing it. I have tried with another GPS like Holux RCV3000 and still no success. I have deinstalled and installed the app a few times and again no success. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
I can attach screen pictures also if you tell me how to do it.


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    Can you do following:

    1) Setup RaceChrono to be used with the external GPS (from RaceChrono settings)
    2) Enable "RaceChrono > Settings > Expert settings > Save device data"
    3) Start new session
    4) Wait until it shows good connection, and maybe 5 minutes more
    5) Stop the session
    6) Share the recorded session to tracks(at)racechrono.com
    7) Repeat with both GPS

    This will allow me to see if there's some kind of incompatibility.
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