Race Chromo for Trainer

I'm motorcycle trainer and I want to improve usage of racechrono during my training.
Is there any solution to send racechromo from all my students to my tablet? At this moment I use garmin glo as GPS, but it use bluetooth signal which range is to small to send data from GPS (placed on the bike) to my phone/tablet (placed in Pitlane).
What if i put GPS and phone on each motorcycle? Is there chance to review data from all the riders on my tablet?

Did you know any solution?


  • The Bluetooth connection isn't really capable of transmitting the data wirelessly to the pits. At the best case, you'll be only able to get 100 meters range out of Bluetooth, and usually much less.

    Currently there's no feature that would allow you to follow your students live from pits, but indeed I have some plans on my product road map for this. This upcoming feature would require you to have a phone and GPS on each bike.

    Right now you'd manually share the data file to cloud using the phone on student's bike when it's back at the pits, and then open it from your tablet.

    I'm also improving the importing from stand-alone data loggers, so you could also have only stand-alone data logger (such as VBOX Sport) on each bike, and then swap memory cards when back at the pits. Not sure if this is what you want though.
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