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Transfer data to MAC for larger screen view

I have RaceChrono Pro on an Android (wrap the phone in a t-shirt and stick it under my ZX6R Seat and go play). Works great, split times and Google maps with overlay on the phone.

So how do I get this data onto a Mac Book Pro for better visibility.


  • You could share the session to . Or export as .vbo file and open in RaceLogic Circuit Tools (free application for PC/Mac).

    PS. Make sure you're using external GPS as the data will not be very good when using the built-in GPS from under the seat :)
  • Thanks aol I'll look into that, I did the export, but not sure where the .vob file ends up (still searching the phone).

    While I don't go fast enough to make the under the seat GPS vagaries an issue I am going to look at mounting the phone on say the dip in the tank, just for ease of access (but with better GPS as a side effect).
  • It ends up in /Android/data/ .app)/files/export/ but I do recommend using the share option in the menu. This way you can share it directly to your email or cloud and not have to dig it up on the phone.
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