Assetto Corsa?

Hi! Is there a guide for making the app work with AC? Do I need to do anything on a PC side?

I recall it was working for me a couple of years ago, but can't find a way for it to connect today.


  • Nobody uses this feature as of today? Pity, as it was rather cool back then...
  • aolaol
    edited May 26
    Sorry for no answer. I was (still am) supposed to test if it still works. Basically you need to enable "Experimental devices" from expert setting, and then you can add it as "Other device" if I remember correctly (or GPS?). I test new major versions with it, but haven't tried in a year or so, so it might have become broken.

    I should do an iRacing version, but it needs some Windows plugin programming, and not too excited about doing that :smiley:
  • :)))

    Yeah, iR would have been nice too!

    I have enabled the experimental devices and specified the IP of the machine running AC. However, it does not seem to be able to connect.

    I checked the firewall - and the it looked like the UPD port that is used by AC is open. Yet - I don't have anything more to perform the diagnostics.

  • aolaol
    edited July 6
    Just got around testing this. It still works. Make sure the UDP 9996 is open outbound and inbound. There's other ports opened by Assetto Corsa too, you can ignore them. Notice, tested on original AC, probably does not work on ACC.
  • Suddenly, I found it working as well - despite I don't think I did anything specific make it work.
    Thanks anyway!
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