Assetto Corsa?

Hi! Is there a guide for making the app work with AC? Do I need to do anything on a PC side?

I recall it was working for me a couple of years ago, but can't find a way for it to connect today.


  • Nobody uses this feature as of today? Pity, as it was rather cool back then...
  • aolaol
    edited May 26
    Sorry for no answer. I was (still am) supposed to test if it still works. Basically you need to enable "Experimental devices" from expert setting, and then you can add it as "Other device" if I remember correctly (or GPS?). I test new major versions with it, but haven't tried in a year or so, so it might have become broken.

    I should do an iRacing version, but it needs some Windows plugin programming, and not too excited about doing that :smiley:
  • :)))

    Yeah, iR would have been nice too!

    I have enabled the experimental devices and specified the IP of the machine running AC. However, it does not seem to be able to connect.

    I checked the firewall - and the it looked like the UPD port that is used by AC is open. Yet - I don't have anything more to perform the diagnostics.

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