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Hi everybody,

Thank you aol for your app. She is amazing !!!

I want collect data sensor of my R1 2017.
I have PID for RPM, TPS, ECU Voltage, air and oil temperature and more. it's OBD standard.
But I need PID for front and rear brake or lean angle.

I don't understand how collect this :

For exemple : I have RPM on 0x 01 0C but in picture is 0x209
I don't understand the logic and i'm going crazy lol

Someone to help me? please


  • aolaol
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    On vehicles with OBD-II and CAN-Bus, the OBD-II protocol layer is built on top of the CAN-Bus. You're looking at raw CAN-Bus messages, not OBD-II messages. The OBD-II messages need to be polled (by sending a message first), in order for them to show up on apps like that.

    I'm not sure if your bike has OBD-II. But at least all Euro 5 bikes do have it. The 010C hexadecimal PID is standard OBD-II and is supported by default, so you do not need to use CAN-Bus scanner apps like that for OBD-II.

    The app you're using is for reverse engineering the raw CAN-Bus messages. This is especially useful when your vehicle does not support OBD-II or if you've reverse engineered CAN-Bus data channels that are not available through OBD-II. Basically you manipulate your controls (or sensor values), and see which value changes in the scanner app. When you have found out the location (and translation) for certain value, you add it to RaceChrono:

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    Thank you. I uderstand now.

    I think my bike has OBD-II because i have many messages on standard PID.

    I try with "RaceChrono > Settings > Add other device > OBDLink LX/MX/MX+ Bluetooth (CAN-Bus)” but it doesn't work because I have only a cheap blue ELM327.

    I will see for building a DIY device or buy a OBDLink MX.

    I have 2 more question :
    1- is it dangerous to scan canbus ? (I want just read)
    I think lot of data what I need are in video and picture, so not very dangerous.
    2- does it slow down Canbus if I read too much data ? For exemple, maybe traction control or other function will work not very well ?

    Sory for my bad english.
  • aolaol
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    If you bike has OBD-II then just configure your OBD-II adapter with "+ Add OBD-II reader" in settings... Much easier than trying to reverse engineering CAN-Bus.

    1 and 2: No, as long as you do not write anything to the bus.
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    Thank you. It works fine with OBDLink MX. :smiley:
  • @Mcly I'm curious, did you use OBD-II or did you get the CAN-Bus messages reverse engineered?
  • I get the CAN-Bus messages reverse engineered.
    I thought I could record OBD-II and CAN-Bus messages reverse engineered in same time but racechrono don't connect at two device (reading OBD-II and OBDlink Mx Canbus).
    I think it's normal.
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