Bug in linking videos to sessions with a resume?

So I went to an autocross yesterday and we had a "morning session", then a lunch break and then an "afternoon session" 2 hours after the end of the morning session. When I came back home I've tried to import and link some of my onboard videos. It went problem-free for the afternoon runs, but when I tried doing the same for my morning videos, they would all end up somewhere in the middle of the lunch break.

I worked around by somehow linking to the start of the morning session first and then re-linking later.

This happened when using RaceChrono v7.0.6 on Android and importing GoPro videos via File Browser.


  • How exactly did you sync them, when ended up to middle of lunch break? Did you use the "Automatic sync" button or how did it break?
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    No, I was syncing manually.

    I first imported the videos into RC.
    Then, in the session, I clicked "No videos".
    Chose a video.
    Scrolled the data at the bottom to roughly match the start of the video.
    Clicked the "link" button in the bottom-left corner of the video.
    Adjusted with +/-250ms buttons, then locked, then fine-tuned with +/-50ms buttons.
    Then hit back.

    I then clicked on the same lap in the list of laps, and didn't see any video.
    Analyzed the timeline of the whole session and realized that video ended up link to some timestamps in the middle of the gap between sessions.
  • Can you make it happen again? Or just a fluke. If you can make it happen again, I'd like to have the session etc.
  • Interesting, I was previously able to reproduce it ~5 times in a row, but I've just tried again and it worked ok. I can still share everything you need it you think it's useful, just let me know how.

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