RC on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Is there any chance to make RC work on Apple CarPlay and/or Android Auto? It would be quite nice if you don't have to mount your phone on your windscreen but use your in-car screen instead, which is most of the time already at an ideal position.


  • Android Auto: definitely yes, but requires some hackery.
    See this thread: https://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3349360#post3349360

    CarPlay: almost certainly no
  • > CarPlay: almost certainly no

    Update: I've heard someone mentioning their friend was able to mirror their jailbroken iPhone on the head unit, but unfortunately I'm not Apple enough to know/remember the details.
  • Different hacks for rooted Android devices come and go for mirroring screen display to Android Auto screen. But they are often less than ideal and are unstable.

    Are there plans to have native support for Android Auto in RaceChrono?
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    We cannot make any plans, as not Google nor Apple will allow app like RaceChrono to their car platforms. I assume the car manufacturers dictate what kind of apps is allowed as 3rd party apps... Some kind of mirroring app is needed.
  • Ouch. I see. I did not realize that approval is needed for app to run on Android Auto head unit.
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