Which sign should be used for steering angle?

When setting up my data channels, I defined the equation for the steering angle so that positive values are recorded when turning right. I was assuming this aligns with how angles are typically defined, e.g. for the clock, heading in navigation, etc.

However, the steering angle gauge in the video overlay is turning in the opposite direction for me. Should it be configurable, or should it perhaps be inverted?


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    The analog angle gauge is supposed to be an "artificial horizon" for roll angle channel, so that's the reason why it acts the way it does. The upcoming overhaul of the overlays will allow you to configure it however you like, so it does not really matter which sign is left and which is right.
  • Just recently I was also playing with steering angle gauge. You can find the video here:

    In general I think it works fine. The only nitpick I have is that the bar could turn past 180 degrees and keep turning according to the value it receives.

    Looking forward to the upcoming overlay overhaul. Let me know if you are looking for testers. :)
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