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Remove or hide first or second lap data for accurate lap counting?

I record my races in a go-kart league and we usually have 1 warm up lap, sometimes 2. Is it possible when exporting a video with overlay to delete or hide the slow warm up laps so when we take the green flag it accurately shows lap 1 on the counter instead of 2 or 3? I prefer to have it show race laps as opposed to all laps. Thanks!


  • @x90mattman Hi, sorry it took me a while to answer. Currently it's not possible to set it, but it's on my TO-DO list. I'm considering adding simple "offset" setting for this, so you can define where the lap counting starts.
  • I would also like to have this for karting. The other issue I have is that we do a shortcut lap during warmup so the warmup laps are 10-15sec faster than actual race laps. This causes my fastest time during the race to be the warmup lap times.
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