Video Memory

Hello, When I launch RC, it reports 'Internal camera (4.6 GB) remaining', but my phone has 56 GB of available storage left. How do I adjust the internal storage to have more space for RC? Thanks


  • It shows the available memory in the selected storage. It defaults to the internal storage of the phone. You should be able to select external storage if you have a memory card, by clicking the configuration box where it says the remaining amount.
  • Thanks for the reply. I have moved the video files to the Photo app, but RC still reports the files as reducing the available memory in RC. I do not have a external storage card, so how do I adjust the available storage for RC, I do not see this in the app settings. Thanks
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    RaceChrono reports the size of the video files, regardless of where the files are stored. So it will display the size of the files in Photos app too.

    If the camera box is still reporting too low storage space, please contact us through the support form on this website, so we can properly troubleshoot the issue.
  • Thank you, will do
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