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  • aol: assuming you dont need a full working version, with accelerometers, bluetooth etc, i can very easily send you one, that you just plug into serial and it gives out the correct format serial just with some random values (couting up and down). email me the address you want it to and i will build it and send it out.
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    mattnj: Let's see first if I can produce a working version with the simulation tools I have Theoretically the output files should be enough to do this.

    I'll send you some test binaries in a week or so to test. If they work properly, I guess there is no need for me testing actual device before it's near complete. If not, then let's make arrangements.
  • hi,

    how you getting on with the racetech input?

  • Any news on this hardware? I've got an event next week that I could test it on and an event the week after. The last round of the championship is at the end of October.
  • We're still working on the protocol etc. so next week not going to happen, sorry :)
  • It wasn't a realistic example! I wouldn't even have time to fit it before that event. Still, as long as it's work-in-progress, then that means I may be able to have one soon. Cool!
  • Hi,

    Just to update people, i had/have a working example, we have (mattnj and aol) decided to make a complete protocol change, so i am working on the new version at the moment,

    andylaurence: i will contact you when it is ready, you can be a beta tester.

  • Matt: Brilliant news! I can't wait to see it working.
  • This is a great idea, definitely put me down for one
    yaw rate sensor would also be very handy but could be added as one of the external sensors.
    What about selling in kit form to keep the cost down?
    Nice work, look forward to seeing it working
  • When can I buy one kit? ;)
  • having a few problems with a few bits of the code, but its getting there.

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    I'm currently working hard on RaceChrono 1.35, it will have support for real G-force graphs that are logged with internal or outside accelerometers.

    I'm having some problems with the internal accelerometers, as there is too much noise, and the data quality is not too good. But I'm sure the data from your device will be just fine :) Currently using data logged with Race Technology DL-1 as reference data.

    The RPM and analog channels are not yet supported, but I will work on those after I get the first data log from your device.
  • I've seen that Bluetooth adapter before. It's great but only samples at up to its reference voltage, which isn't much use in a car that uses >12v. Also, there's no statement of sample rate for the differential inputs, although the 16-bit counter would be useful for RPM and the 8 digital inputs could be quite handy too.
  • you speak for the first or second
    if is only problem of voltage this isn't a problem
    view the gigalog project to http://www.grifo.it/VARIE/Controlord/Gigalog.htm on the service manual ther are the istruction to adapt the logger at 24 volt
  • That's very funky. 1ms sample rate, too. It's 250 Euros though.
  • I guess you can put me on the sure buyer list. I need to log RPM, exhaust temperature and detonations. I've looked into OBD, but I have no ECU onboard, so maybe the hardware logger is my only/easiest option?
  • i have find another project
    my problem is always the programmation
  • Is it possible to suggest what time rate we're looking at before we can expect the hardware and software to be good enough for release? 2 months? 4 months? 6 months? More? I need the capabilities of the hardware logger very bad and it would be nice to know if I can plan on using this the next season, or if I should look for an expensive solution I really can't afford. Thank you.
  • Hi,

    As soon as possible is the timescale...It is being worked on currently, the first physical unit is complete and fully functional and tested, it is now just a case of the integration with racechrono and and debugging. I am reluctant to give a timescale of when it will be available until we have a fully working prototype (working with racechrono on a track!)

  • That's brilliant news! Good work.
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    Just signed in to this forum and this project sounds interesting. I have used race chrono in our race car and it is working well. If it is possible to include some extra information in it with this device what you are talking about I am also very interested to buy it!

    Our vehicle is historic race car so the OBD-II reader is out of question.
  • coming along nicely, will be available to pre-order soon at www.racelogger.com
  • hi, just to update everyone, we now have a working version of racechrono and racelogger, (thanks to aol for my custom version or racechrono!) a bit of debugging needed but it is looking good and will be ready to go soon.
  • ok, so, we have a fully working solution, i am looking for a couple of beta testers for this, please contact me via www.racelogger.com if you are interested....be quick..

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    Brand new member, too- and JUST like MPL, I'm tyring to put together a system for a vintage race car that only needs a handful of inputs. It appears that I should have been reading this group a lot earlier, but me and a buddy here at work are putting together a single unit that will have analog inputs, an rpm input, a compass (to see if the car is not pointing the direction it's travelling), accelerometers, and GPS- all on one single unit.

    We've got the unit working right now, bluetooth, and using a basic serial logger, it logs all the data as we need.

    I found this site just looking for software to use on my pda/laptop to take and read the data.

    So, I guess I'm wondering if there's a format that we should be outputting so that the racechrono will work? Again, unlike mattnj's quite cool separate unit, this has all the info on one box, just like the DL-1.

    FYI- the cost is pretty cheap, too- we are mainly using components from a site called sparkfun.com- and my buddy is having fun putting this all together. His overall goal is to have a compact and light system he can put on his remote control airplanes, while mine is to have a good data acquisistion system for the car + driving data.

    So- the summary question- where can I find the format to output the information from our fully contained logger so that racechrono can input?

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    Hi Eric!

    I guess the format we're using with RaceLogger is no secret, as it's clear text ASCII from the device :-). You can make your home brew device to use same format (or just by Mattnj's device if you don't want to go through the pain developing your own device).

    I'll try to explain it here:


    - Each line are separated with CR LF
    - Checksum is two digit hexadecimal value, calculated same as in NMEA 0183.
    - Count is a sentence count between 0-65535, rolls back to zero after hitting 65535.
    - Time stamp is same as used in NMEA 0183.
    - Timestamp can be left empty in real time mode (RaceChrono connected to the device and logging the data). If you want to import the data to RaceChrono afterwards, you need to have standar NMEA 0183 GPS data in between the $RC1 sentences, and precalculated timestamp for $RC1 sentences.
    - If timestamp is left empty (no GPS on board), RaceChrono will estimate the time from its own time from separate GPS device.
    - If timestamp is left empty, it's important that every sentence comes with consistent intervals.
    - Gyro and AccZ values are currently not saved by RaceChrono.
    - Acceleration values are in 1/100ths of G force. AccX is Lateral G and AccY is Longitudinal G in RaceChrono.

    Example sentences with no timestamp:


    Example sentences with timestamps, and some NMEA 0183 in between:


    RaceChrono v1.40 supports this just fine. If you have any problems or questions about the format, I can always help.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    That's pretty sweet.

    Just out of curiosity, if I don't use a signal, say the gyro- do I put spaces there, or just change the assigned name, and put whatever there?

    This is going to be fun!

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    The gyro fields are not currently saved at all. For a channel you don't use, just leave it empty between commas. You can use the a1-a5 for what ever you wish. You can view those channels in RaceChrono's graphs. I recommend using RPM and Accelerations for their intended purpose, as there might be some extra features based on them.
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