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Hello, I would like to ask you on suitable phone for racechrono. Now I have N70, but it is very old and some functions don´t work, so I am looking for some new phone, but I have no idea what phone I should buy. I know, that the accuracy depends on phone too. Yes, the receiver has much bigger influence. I was satisfied with N70. So could you give me advice some good phone? Thank you so much and I am sorry for my english. Paja


  • My favorite is still Nokia 5800, but soon there will be similar model 5230 with worse camera, but the price will be only 150 euros. Other discussions here:
  • I have bought Nokia 5800 today. I wanted to install Racechrono. But when I downloaded the right version and clicked on *.sis file there was written: Failed to load application components.Please reinstal the application.

    Where is mistake? Thanks for help.
  • Sorry, it is ok now. I didn´t have installed the Nokia PC Suite. Now Racechrono runs. Perfect.
  • this is a great software :)

    hi aol, in your opinion, is the internal GPS receiver for Nokia 5800 sensitive enough for Race Chrono use? I'm not sure if i should get a 5230 + bluetooth GPS receiver or get a 5800 and use its internal GPS :( any suggestion??

  • Forget internal GPS's they are no good in serious use. 5230 plus 5 hz GPS will make a fine couple!
  • thanks for timely reply. I'm now surveying GPS receivers (probably iBlue 737A+) and will get a 5530 paired with it.
  • i use secondhand HP ipaq HX2190b, (just a windows PDA, not a phone) they are cheap off eBay (£20) you can also get a TomTom Mounting kit for that PDA for about the same money, its a great setup, really large screen and all mounted nice and securely with charging in the car with a 5hz GPS of course, it also has a physical serial input so will work nicely with the soon to be released
  • Hi
    I have an HP IPAQ HX 2110 and the iblue 747 A+ and I am having the issue where Racechrono doesn't recognise the bluetooth connection and gives me the error about 'if you device has WIDCOMM Bluetooth stack' and I will have to connect through serial ports.

    And I don't know how becuase I have no manual and am new to the software and hardware..

    Help would be most gratefull!
  • I know I know, probably a dumb-ass question... Sorry :)
    Any helpers out there? :)
  • Open iPaq Wireless, activate Bluetooth, open manager, new, explore a new device, etc ....

    you can donwload pdf documentation about this on the net (google and "hp support" keyword)
  • Yeah I already had the bluetooth connection set up by doing as you say - that bit is easy. but I still get the WIDCOMM stock error in Racechrono.. :)

    I advanced bluetooth serial port settings the inbound COM port is 5 and Outbound is 8. on the same page I've selected my gps receiver as default device for outgoing connections in the hope that that would help too..
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    MassiveAction: You need to set GPS type to "Serial GPS" in RaceChrono, and COM port to 8.
  • Aha!! Stupid newbie question out of the way and answered with great success!!
    Many thanks to both AOL and Hugos!!
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