5Hz blue tooth recievers.

My brother needs to buy a 5hz reciever to replace his palmone 1hz for lap timing etc etc,
i have a 818ex reciever, but have heard the 818x is better. Whats the advartage between 818x over the 818ex.
I know its got the new chipset, more channals and last's longer between charges, but is there any accuracy or other gains when using it for lap timing and performance testing compared to a 818ex?


  • Other ones i've found,

    Qstarz BT-Q818x
    Qstarz BT-Q818ex
    Qstarz BT-Q890,
    Qstarz BT-Q1000x,
    GlobalTop G33,
    GlobalTop G66,
    i.Trek M7.
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    I do not think these receivers have visible difference in data quality. I haven't tested them all though. :)
  • Hi,
    Which ones are tested by yourself? My brother will be using it with his Nokia n80 and a his new samsung phone.
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    I do not have any of the MTK-II receivers yet, but I hear from my users they are better than the older MTK receivers. I need to order few for next season.

    Right now my test set is a Nokia Sirf3 receiver, Holux 1000B, Qstarx BT818Q 5hz (one of the first 5 Hz) and iBlue 747 5Hz (plus a Blackline GPS Fuel for reference device).

    Notice I don't necessary aim for best data quality for my runs, I try to have same devices most of my users are using :)
  • Cheers for the reply, sorry for delay.

    My Brother has gone for a BT-818x on your recommendation. Will let you know how he gets on.
  • I have that http://www.qstarz.com/Products/GPS Products/BT-Q890-F.htm

    Cheap, little, 5Hz and more than 8 hours of batery use
  • I'm using a iBlue 747A+ (MTKII chipset) and it's working great!
    plus it's very cheap, I bought it on ebay UK for less than 30£ (shipping to France included)!
  • What about the Ambicom BT-GPS Rev 2?
    10Hz update rate, -159 dBm Sensitivity and 20 satellite link...
    I've been using the Rev 1.5 since the beginning of 2007 with great reliability (but it has a 1Hz update rate) and would like to stick with them if they're good for this purpose.
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    Nikolai: I wonder if it really is 10 Hz as it's plain ordinary SirfStarIII chipset. Probably does software interpolation from 1 Hz, if not a 'typo' in specs sheet. I'd be interested hearing review though and/or analyzing the data recorded by the device myself.
  • Napalm Candy:
    I'm looking for a cheap 5Hz device and this one looks attractive, but I've read user manual of this device and worried about such thing: they wrote that if bluetooth indicator is off, that means that "GPS not powered /eXtreme Mode is on". Does it mean that it can not work in 5Hz mode together with bluetooth connection?
  • the iblue 747a+ works perfectly at 5Hz when bluetooth is turned on, and it's much cheaper...
  • tipaz, it is the opposite. If you turn on your GPS and don't use (no bluetooth comunication) it will autopower off (or standby maybe).

    For sure you can use EVER at 5Hz with no problems.
  • Hi

    Does anyone been using a MTK reciver and aqcuired a DGPS signal? I can get track of the new EGNOS satelites with my Qstarz BT-Q818x (after setting it to accept the SBAS test signals), but I can't see no real improvement in the signal.

    Just to hear if some of you have had some good experince with it? It should be said that it is hard to track these EGNOS satelites in the north of Europe as they are all placed basically on top of Africa...
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    I've acquired DGPS with various MTK based receivers. You are right they are quite low in horizon here in North Europe, but you should get a lock if not too many trees or hills surrounding the race track you're on.

    I have not measured if it makes much of a difference to have DGPS or not. Probably is not worth extra effort to aim only for DGPS. Better to improve the GPS reception in general, DGPS fix is just a bonus.

    But getting DGPS is much easier in Germany for example.
  • Hi Gamerfou

    What software do you use to set up your iBlue 747A+? I've just bought one and the software that cam with it defaults to 5 sec intervals and does not accept 0.2/0.1 secs intervals etc. (it refuse the decimal place..).

    BTW - what is the accepted preference of intervals? 0.1 secs?


    gamerfou Oct 31st 2009
    I'm using a iBlue 747A+ (MTKII chipset) and it's working great! plus it's very cheap, I bought it on ebay UK for less than 30£ (shipping to France included)!
  • MassiveAction,
    I dont use the iBlue but from what I've seen I think you can use the application from here to switch it to 5Hz: http://www.bt747.org/ I'm pretty sure I've also previously read on a webpage somewhere that the qstarz software will work with most of the MTK based recievers.
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