Racechrono RPM on a motorbike

Hello everybody,

We are Wouter and Jos, 2 students from the Hanze Institute of Technology at Assen, the Netherlands. Our hobby is motor racing, and we both race for the TRIcat racing team, a small amateur team that races for fun. We have used Racechrono a few times to measure our performance, and recently we have started a small project to allow us to measure our performance more accurately. Since we haven't found any program better (especially since its free, we are students remember ;P) then RaceChrono, this is the program we would like to use.
We started to look at ways to measure our performance, and came with the following 3 points we definitely wanted to measure: Speed, position on track and RPM. Speed and Position on track was easy, since RaceChrono already supports that. We just added a 5Hz external DGPS system and that’s it. The problem was measuring RPM. 2 of our team mates race on a Triump Daytona 675, a bike that has a OBD. We bought a BlueTooth OBD system and have already tested it on a regular car, that seems to work fine. So our expectation is that this should also work perfectly well on the Triumph Bikes. But... What about our own Honda's and Yamaha’s :P
So far we have looked at several ways to measure RPM, but the problem lies in analyzing the data with RaceChrono. It should be doable for us to make a device, some sort of sensor, that measures RPM and sends it via Bluetooth. Now our question is this: Is it possible for RaceChrono to use this data? OBD is of course supported, but we aren't able to figure out if it is possible for us to add external sensors to RaceChrono. Is this possible? And if it is, how should we approach this problem we are having?

Finally we would like to thank everybody for their help / comments in advance!

Jos and Wouter.

We are trying to build a piece of software to run on the computer, that makes it easy to analyze your data on the big screen of your pc. But if you know any software that does this already, please let us know. And if you are interested in the result so others can use our program also just let us know, and we’ll be happy to share our results.


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    Hello, there is one hardware project going on, but unfortunately I don't have a recent progress status for it.


    You could use this device, or if you want to build your own, use the same data format. It's not supported yet by RaceChrono, but it will be when there is a working prototype of the device.

    PS. RaceChrono runs on Windows PC as well, so you can use this on big screen too:)
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