Export track from google map?

Hi Antti

I am wondering if it is possible to export track (say a section of mountain twisty) from google map to the RC installed on the phone?
I know it make sense to make actual recording of track but sometimes, I just thought it saves a lot of time that I can mark a section of road on google map function and then just export to the phone.



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    Not really possible, as far as I know. What kind of format does Google Maps save? KML? Never tried to extract routes from it my self :)
  • Google Maps exports to KML (click the "View in Google Earth" link above the map). It's an XML data format but doesn't include all the data, just a link to get the data from Google Maps. Inside the KML you download is a link to another KML file that does include all the co-ordinates (lat/long) to create the line on the map. It's usable, although I think the accuracy would make it rather pointless. You could, however, download every speed venue I've found in one shot.
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    Maybe these routes could be used to make new tracks. But there is of course a risk that they would be "off" enough to make the track broken ... Sometimes Google satellites / maps are misaligned to the real world.
  • Generally, I've seen that they are misaligned. You may or may not be lucky. I've exported quite a bit of my RaceChrono data to KML and you can see how they match up on my website.
  • Yep, and that varies country to country. Seems that in USA the alignment is near perfect, but in Australia for example, not really...
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