Live data feed to a second Racechrono device?

is there a way that anyone has working to stream the lap times over the phones data connection so we can look at times on another device?

aol: i take is the session files are open and locked when a session is running so the file cant be accessed/uploaded somewher?

i was thinking of trying to use which is like dropbox and will sync files on windows mobile devices


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    I don't think so. There was a feature request long time ago for this, but unfortunately I never got around doing it. It's still a good idea, but we'd probably use our own server / ISP for that. I already have the infrastructure and enough bandwidth in place, but the feature is missing :)
  • By the way very good idea.

    Phone in process can throw out the data in the Internet (for example on this site), and on a site in a mode of real time it is possible to look as it now goes (for example on Flash).
  • In April, i'll start my trainings on the track, so if You still don't have a deadline - please stick to this one ;) i can even be Your beta tester!
  • i guess more folks are requesting this feature? If you decide to implement it then I wish that we would be able to use our own server for this. Also please implement an autostart feature via text message so you can start multiple people at the same time just by sending them a text.
  • Dmitriy: OK, noted. It is very popular request.
  • In fact I the protocol can be simple so anyone can write a server side app to handle this, however it would be nice if at the same time the windows RaceChrono could display this live info.
  • I too would like to see the live-feed option become a reality. I saw a similar setup on an iPhone App which was pretty nice. I still think that RC is a much better systembut the live-feed function would tick all the boxes.
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