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Hi guys, I am a new user of your software. Having trouble with bluetooth dropout when switching to Racechrono. Bluetooth is paired to my PDA and works fine until I go into Racechrono. It will then drop out 8/10 times. I have been able to record a few sessions and the results are great. I just need a more reliable connection from my GPS receiver to Racechrono.

Here is the hardware I am using:

Do you have any ideas? Are these products compatible with your software? What other info do you need to help resolve the bluetooth dropout problem?


  • The GPS should work fine. I haven't tested the PDA.
  • Thanks for the response aol. The ASUS runs on windows mobile 6 classic. Which RC download do you recommend for that OS. Perhaps I am using the wrong RC 1.40 version for my WMOS.
  • Does it run WIDCOMM or Microsoft Bluetooth Stack, do you know?
  • I am not sure. My IT skills are limited.
    From the manual:
    Bluetooth v2.0 (EDR)+ USB 1.1 Client

    From the PDA sys info:
    Bluetooth for windows CE
    BT-PPC version 1.8.0 build 4800
    Marvell PXA 270 Processor 312MHz
    Microsoft WM 6.0 classic (Touch screen)
    CE OS 5.2.1239(build 17746.0.2.4)
  • It's hard to tell why you are experiencing the dropouts. Could be the receiver and the PDA are just not compatible enough.
  • Ok. I may have fixed it. I had previously set the baud rate at the highest setting 11500 for both the gps and PDA for maximum detail. I reset the rates to 4800 (default) and my GPS receiver BT connection seems much more stable. I will test it for a few days and report back.
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    Hi to all.

    My embeded system is an HP iPAQ hx2410 with WM2003SE and a WIDCOMM Bluetooth Stack.

    Widcomm Inc. which was acquired by Broadcom Corporation in April 2004.
    Also, If you see Bluetooth Broadcom on your system, is probably a WIDCOMM Bluetooth Stack.

    I have a 5hz GPS bluetooth.

    OK, with my bad WIDCOMM Bluetooth Stack I setup RC for use COM8 (my GPS bluetooth port service)

    All is OK, I have a very nice nmea file with ""

    but ...

    I installed a OBD2 bluetooth adapter on my bike for use with Racechrono.

    This makes 2 Bluetooth devices, and WM2003 only support ONE bluetooth com port service. (It's the big misery)

    Ok, ok, i upgrade my PocketPC to WM5 ... and apply all the WM5 HP patch ... my system is totally fresh.

    I install "", now RC detects Bluetooth devices.

    I tested only with one Bluetooth device, my GPS, and i have poor nmea file, times drops and inconsistencies.

    I tested with two Bluetooth device, GPS and OBD2, and i have ultra poor nmea file, many drops and inconsistencies.

    I tested with my GPS on COM port, and i retrieve my very nice nmea file !

    There is a problem with the WIDCOMM Bluetooth Stack !

    A good software for nmea file analysis is "GPS-Track-Analyse.NET"
    you can download at
  • Hugos: maybe you need to play with the baudrates for Bluetooth?
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    Aol: i have tested all baudrates (from 115200 to 2400). Nothing change, i have times drops in nmea file.
    Normally in 5 Hz the difference in time is 200ms, I occasionally 600 or 800ms between two positions. I also have truncated nmea sentences.
    RC Live Timer displays interspersed 5Hz lower values as 1.7hz

    Tomorrow, I will test :

    Bluetooth GPS device on COM port

    Bluetooth ODB2 device on WIDCOMM Bluetooth Stack

    and otherwise
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    Unfortunately my OBDII Bluetooth device is manufactured by "CBT Technology Co. Ltd." It is the low coast product that is found everywhere on E-Bay. Device bluetooth signature is "CBT: dev B". It doesn't work with RC, yes, yes ... i am a noob.

    But the main thing is OK, the 5Hz GPS works very well on com port.

    For the rest we'll see with racelogger when it becomes available ...

    And anyway I am very happy, the weather was fine and I did 52 laps on Ledenon track in France, RC worked well.

    Between the first and the last session I improved my time from 10 seconds per lap. Now I know a lot of things on my driving that will enable me to improve myself.
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    My Racechrono/ASUS 626 PDA/BTQ818X system is working perfectly now and accuracy is usually within 1 meter. Here is my fix for others with BT dropout issues. Maybe it will help them as well:

    WM6 Classic/settings/external GPS/ GPS hardware port= Com1, Baud rate=28800.
    GPS program port= Com2.
    Access= manage GPS automatically

    Racechrono/settings/GPS receiver/Baud rate= set to default
  • Cajundaddy: Excellent!
  • hi,
    i am looking forward to use a hp ipaq 2410 as "livescreen" for my qustarz bt 1000ex.
    as i red hugos posts there will be no problems with the software that the pda comes with? is that correct or do i have to install other or newer software. and if so what would be your suggestions?
    i would be glad if someone could help me out.
    greetings purist85
  • purist85: with my iPaq 2410

    i don't have any problems if i use COM port on Bluetooth GPS device(tested with RC 1.4 and WM2003SE and WM5)

    I have only problem when i use more than one bluetooth device, ie Bluetooth GPS and Bluetooth OBD2 at the same time (tested with RC 1.4 bluetooth WIDCOMM stack and WM5).
  • sounds great!
    so hopefully fortuna will be on my side and the pda will be mine within few days.
    thanks for suggesting the ipaq hugos.
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