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I have a gpslogueur on blackberry (1HZ, :-( ) which carries trace format (KM, GPX and CSV), I try to convert it to TXT or NMEA can import them into "RaceChrono".
I do not have tools to do so, if you can help me?

If I change the trace CSV replace "," by "" the import goes well but I have no trace time on "racechrono" ..

Thank's for your help.


  • Search for gpsbabel software to convert GPX to NMEA.
  • ok,but what is the output format?
    DeLorme.. txt
    fugawi.. .txt
    Garmin MapSource .txt
    GEOnet Name Server .txt.
    GPSBabel arc filter file .txt

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    NMEA 0183. If you get different extension, you can just rename to .txt or .nmea.
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    strange, after import "Sucessfully"...,no traveled route??
    0s OKb...
    for information the outoup file nmea by gpsbable:
    in gpsbabel, options are necessery?

    sorry for my poor understanding
  • You need $GPGGA and $GPRMC sentences. You can probably configure GPSBabel to output them.
  • Hi aol,

    Gps track converted by gpslabel contains these fields but not at the beginning of the file.

    thank's for your help
  • Hi
    after more test my trace nmea is:

    but no trace route appears on RaceChrono if i convert my original trace (gpx) en's ok on google earth..

    the trace nmea is not valid for racechrono? can you give me the necessary fields for racechrono and their meaning?

    Thanks's for your help
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    The $GPGGA quality field should be 1 or 2, not 0. The line:


    Should be:


    Can you force the quality field to 1 in GPSBabel?
  • Hi aol,

    Yes it's ok..
    thank's for your help and the soft is very nice.
  • So you got it working? Great!
  • yes it's working...
    many thank's
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