Donwloading tracks (web vs. in-phone)


I've just found out about RaceChrono, and am very interested in it - I'm going to test it on bikes at the end of the month. One thing doesn't seem to work for me: I can't download the tracks. My Nokia 6680 opens the connection to the net (that seems to work correctly when surfing the web) but, after a while in which it tries to get the track index, it gives up and tells me that the download is impossible ("Could not download tracks index").

Is it possible to implement a web download for the tracks?

Thanks in advance, Ed


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    You can access the tracks manually:

    Just download from there and move the file to \RaceChrono\Tracks on your memory card (or phone memory if that is used). I'll do a better interface later. Thanks for feedback!

  • Thanks, I knew there had to be a way. :) Will let you know how it works out for me as soon as I test the system.
  • Could you tell us how to create tracks with a PC and say google maps/earth and GPS coordinates. It would help greatly to do it this way as less precious time is spent doing this at the trackday.
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    There will be a PC version which might help a bit. Too bad Google Earth is not good solution as the satellite images are not always accurately aligned with the real coodinates. So only way to be sure is to test the track with real GPS data.

    Please submit any of the tracks you've created to our online track library, so others can save time by just downloading them!
  • Hi,

    Is the track data format a trade secret? I would be interested of loading as well as also submitting some tracks. The problem is that unfortunately I do not have a S60 phone, so I cannot currently use RaceChrono. But I do have a N800 with which I have recorded some gps data in a few tracks for further analyzing it with my own software (which is far from complete compared to RaceChrono...) => any news of the possible Maemo port you've mentioned some time ago?
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    Hi, Sorry the format is not public. It's not a big secret, but it would take some time to explain it (as it's not simple for legacy reasons). Maemo version will come next. Should be quite easy port now, after I've made 100% custom UI for the Windows version. I will probably work on new features during summer, and in autumn there will be Maemo.
  • The Maemo news is excellent! I'll be looking forward to it. Let me know if I can help in any way.
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    Just out of curiosity, have you evaluated using Qt for the GUI? The S60 port is quite new but it looks like its is becoming useful in their latest dev blog posts.

    (And thanks for great software! Haven't tried it on track yet since I just got my Nokia 5800, but I sure will. RaceChrono was one of the reasons for getting a Nokia in the first place)
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    The previous Qt licensing terms prevented using it, when I reviewed it last autumn. So I just decided to do the multiplatform stuff myself. The new GUI is now totally portable and scaleable.

    Qt has made the terms less strict since that, so I could maybe use it for future Linux (and Maemo) version. But basically since main bulk of the work has already been done, it probably would be as easy to do the Linux version without Qt as well.

    The public S60 version is still missing a few touch screen fuctionality, but as I've programmed them for Windows Mobile alredy, I should be releasing new S60 beta version in coming weeks.
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