new phone Nokia N8

Hi, I never used racechrono because I have an old phone that is not compatible with it. Now I'm thinking of buying the new Nokia N8 with Symbian^3, the current version of Racechrono is compatible with this system? If not, it will develop a new version that will? Otherwise I'd better buy Nokia N97mini with which Racechrono works well for sure?
Thank you for the help.


  • RaceChrono _should_ work fine with Symbian^3.
  • If someone else is interested, I just bought new Nokia N8, for now I've done some testing with internal GPS and Racechrono and seems to work fine .....
  • Thanks for testing it!
  • I'm looking at this handset too but I need it to work with the Qstarz 818XT at 10Hz & the BT-Q100-ex at 5Hz. Has anyone tested these conbinations? Do you have any tips on setup?
    Thanks for any assistance you can give.
  • Meanwhile I have bought and tested a Qstarz 818XT with my N8 and it works fine (I set the baudrate to 115200).
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