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  • Hello,

    when using 5V , default gain is 5
    can i change gain to 1 , even when voltage is 0-5V ?

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    my temp sensor is giving me lower voltagte output at higher temp.

    eg. RAW data 675 at 85°C and 665 at 86°C

    now using Lookup table -feature
    it works fine
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    Update sw and use new Lookup table -feature.
  • is averaging mode for analog channel working ?

    the temp. signal is not very stable , averaging would make sense
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    Update sw; averaging mode for analog channels now available.
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    i have some information on bazzaz z-afm ( lambda module )
    Just splice off of the purple wire on the six pin connector of the Z-FI harness and use these calculations.

    0.000 volts = 0.741 Lambda ( x 14.7 = 10,893 AFR )
    4.980 volts = 1.105 Lambda ( x 14,7 = 16,243 AFR )

    what callibration would you suggest for logging in AFR ( xx,x )

    now using Lookup table -feature
    it works fine
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    Update sw and use new Lookup table -feature.
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    i have some problem setting your suggested negative values.
    i am using channel 2
    i can write any positive value. but when i write eg. ew65,55342 or 40000 or 55341
    UR2 shows always ch: 57344

    this is maybe the max u.offset: -8192 ???
    how can i change to 55342 ( -10194 )
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    Update sw and use new Lookup table -feature.
  • the "dirty fix" works fine
  • Hi,

    Any news about the brake sensor(s) test ?
    As I have to work on this on my bike, I'm waiting to know about it before buying anything (if I need some special bolts, ...)

  • And another question : what kind of affordable inclinometer do you advise to use i order to measure with a ?honest precision the angle on a bike ?

  • @delirii
    Brake sensor is being tested. It has 1/4" male thread. So you need a double banjo bolt (standard stuff) to the brake master cylinder, and a short brake hose with banjo on the other end and 1/4" female in the other. It's custom stuff, but any (hydraulic/pneumatic/etc) shop making brake hoses can make you one.
    Sensor housing is made of stainless steel, so you can clamp it for example to the front fork.

    About inclinometers; for example gyroscope or laser, or both, can be used.
  • @RaceDAC
    Thanks for your answer. Can you give, be it private or public, the reference number of this sensor (just to know where to buy it, and its price) ?

    About the inclinometer, to be frank, I clearly don't know what model to use (there are so many different models with different specifications) : can you be more precise and give some references too ?

    I can send you an email if you'd prefer not to give some refs publicly.

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    Those brakesensors will be available from racedac as soon as testing is concluded.

    About the inclinometer, we do not have any particular to recommend.
  • Now also PayPal payment is possible on the racedac website.
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    RaceDAC has now a new sw with a couple of new features requested by users: Lookup tables, averaging mode for analog channels, more userfriendly configuration commands, wider user offset range. Visit http://www.racedac.com/ for more info.
  • Now also vr-adapters, and brake and suspension sensors available at www.racedac.com.
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    I've been searching the net for all kinds of data aquisition tools. Love this.
    For an inclinometer I suggest you take a look at these:
    YEI 3-Space Sensors

    Very affordable. Maybe this data can also be logged with the racedac in future?
  • a third lookup table would be nice.

    currently I use lookuptable for coolant temp and Lambda/AFR
    but i have to monitor oil temp next future.

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    currently I have problems logging my TC ( Bazzaz ) signal.
    Bazzaz has a TC LED ( 5V permanent /NEGATIVELY SWITCHED GND ) , the LED comes up when TC is working. the logger should read 5V when TC is off and when TC comes up, the voltage should drop significant.

    the problem is, as soon as racedac is connected the LED starts to glow slightly and reading is only about 2,5V

    5V (permanent)
    GND---------------------------------------- Analog 2 ( racedac )
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    Norman, put an extra 5k(or bigger) resistor between racedac +5V output and the analog channel input you are using to log the TC led.
    That should fix your problem with a led which has a negatively switched ground.

    5V (permanent)
    TC LED
    GND--------------> rdac analog 2 <---- 5k ---- rdac +5V output

    And also, use mail/ racedac@racedac.com when you have something to ask. Mails are read daily. I.e. you get much faster response.
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    Hello Juha,
    i still have problems logging TC events properly
    i guess the GND ( on bazzaz ) is switched very short time,
    long enough to bring the LED up, but i often cannot see voltage drop in racecrono
  • Hi Norman,

    Do you use 10 Hz samplerate on RaceDAC?
    For example; test with 100 Hz?
    Then RaceChrono draws datalogger-datagraps with 100 Hz resolution.
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    hello juha,
    i went to 100hz and did some testing with a manual GND switch

    $RC2,,5125,,,,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0*0C <--------- start

    $RC2,,5135,,,,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0*0D <--------- end


    very short tabing does not show up on racechrono livetimer gauge but in logging
    so i have 11 TC events on 100Hz
    but will they show up in the graph ?
  • Hi Norman,

    Did the data show up in the graps with 100Hz sample rate?
  • Hi
    very dificult to test
    inserting data into old sessions did not work
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