RaceChrono 2.0 (updated)

Hi, AOL,
im very new to RaceChrono,
just would like to make clear, i wonder RaceChrono 2.0 just for Android phone??
not for the Nokia Symbian??

i downloaded & installed RaceChrono 1.4 into my nokia C6-01 from the OVI,
any more expiration for this version? TQ!!


  • RaceChrono 2.0 will be just for Android. There will be soon RaceChrono 1.43 (without expiration) that will work on Symbian, Windows Mobile and Windows compouters.
  • Hi aol, when is this ver 2.0 available?
  • Hi, AOL, what is the different between 2.0 & 1.43??
  • aolaol
    edited April 2011
    The 2.0 doesn't exist yet. It will be totally new but only for Android. It will be modern smart phone app with modern user interface. But both still measure lap times... :) The 2.0 betas will be available late summer (august?) if all goes well.
  • Thank you for that. Good (summer) programming.
  • Thanks Hugos!
  • I hope v2.0 will make use of phones' accelerometers for extra accuracy-response!
    Anyways, I wish you the best!
    Racechrono 2.0 will surely be one of the main reasons that will make me switch to android :D
  • aolaol
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    I'd love to use accelerometers and gyroscopes to improve the data. Unfortunately such feature is very demanding to implement ... It might be doable on performance testing, but doing same for lap timing data needs very advanced algorithms and calculation.
  • I've already switched to Android and only keep my ageing E71 for RaceChrono. Can't wait for the Android version. If you need any beta-testers count me in!
  • hoi aol
    can i download RaceChrono 2.0 on my sony ericsson xperia x10
    gr hay
  • aolaol
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    vester: Well, yes, but only when it is ready.
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    If the Accelerometers will not used to improve the precision in the trace/position will they at least be used to fill the x/y acceleration columns?
    And preferable a calibration thingy to get "true" X&Y vectors even if the phone is mounted less than horizontal (maybe Android have something like that built in).
    I just remember the hassle to make use of DL1 log-files when the DL1 was not mounted perfectly (slanted diagonally...).

    If the phone itself could give true X&Y however you mounted it would be perfect (it could be in the Android standard, what do I know), then you could actually see something on the screen at the same time :)

    +1 on the RC2.0 being the motivation to start thinking about an Android Phone...
    ...but Symbian behave like a phone, not like a buggy laptop...
  • man RaceChrono v1.43 on a HTC Touch HD with windows mobile 6.1 and the QStarz 818XT in 10Khz drool central, no bug fix with that stack fix 10khz is just working. Only found out about this application 1 week ago, but AOL if it is you who has made this my god man what a bloody app!!!

    everything is now a race track OH O!!! you are going to make me a better driver hehe!
  • thats car driver not windows driver loL!
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