The keyboard disappears on my Pocket PC and RC v1.43

My PocketPC is a "hp iPAQ hx2410", under WM5.

Screenshots :

RC 1.4, edit name session, the RC app. brings up the line with the keyboard icon.


When I click on the icon, the keyboard appears.


RC 1.43, edit name session, nothing appears ...



  • aolaol
    edited May 2011
    OK thanks for reporting!
  • Same on mine, running WM5.0 OS 5.1.195

    Previous version worked fine, I`m having exactly the same issue as the original poster ;)
  • Yep, everybody has this on WM touchscreen versions. I'll fix this very soon.
  • Should be fixed now, please re-download and give feedback :)
  • today, on Hp ipad with win CE4.1, i have the same problem. with a new download and installation, i have always the problem with the keyboard.
  • benbard: Which version did you install? The PocketPC 2003? I did not update that... I just realized that it is probably also suffering of this!
  • Today I tested "RaceChrono for Windows Mobile Professional 1.43b", it works correctly. The keyboard is back on my PocketPC WM 5 !
  • Yes for pc2003. i tried the version for 2005, but i can't install it.

    The older version was ok, is it possible ti have it without date limitation?
  • 1.43b downloaded and installed, keyboard is back. :)
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