Randomly records laps, most times says nothing recorded.

I'm dying over here. 3 track days of testing and the best I could get was 6 random laps recorded. Most of the time it says no laps recorded.
Qstarz 10Mhz and brand new Race Chrono purchased May21, 2011.
Worse: Today I recorded 4 laps and they were off by more than 30 seconds. The track day I was with, put a lap recorded on my bike also. There's worked flawlessly, every lap perfect.

After spending close to $600 for what I thought was the best I'm pissed.
I input track settings, start the session and pause the session usually in the paddock, check for connection to satelites, Qstarz is on tail of bike. Racechrono in my suit. Using the 1mhz setting for laps.

What can you think is causing the random logging. Some times it gets a lap, most of the time it doesn't. Today I kept getting one giant lap time. It is recorded all my laps via the graph around the track but will not record lap times. I don't get it. HELP!


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