RaceData Lite/CAN

Hi there!

It was last year I started to build a data logging device for my motorbike.
There was an early version which just worked fine. Unfortunately I never had the time to document it in a proper way.
As the year passed by, I got a new bike by accident. It was interesting, because it has a CAN-bus. :)

So the first version of my RaceData project was just finished, I started a new one.
In spring this year I was able to test it first time. There was a little bug with the NMEA checksum :o) So last month it was ready on the track. Just works fine with no error at all. I'm very lucky about that. It has no dropouts in the rough environment of a bike on the track.

So I decided to document both versions for all the people out there, who are interested in this weird electronics.

Short info for lite version:
This supports one rpm input when appling a square wave signal and five analogue inputs with 0 to 12V range.
This makes it very versatile for basic applications.
It's build around an ATmega32 and a Rayson BTM-112 Bluetooth module.

Short info for the CAN version:
Currenty it supports CAN-Bus from Aprilia and Ducati with different firmwares. The hardware is capable of K-Line (LIN) support also, but there is no software support yet. There are five analogue inputs (0 to 12V) but they aren't send to RaceChrono due to the limited number of fields in the RC1 telegram. :(
It's build around an STM8S208 and a Rayson BTM-112 module.

Because I'm not the software guy, the firmware is quick and dirty. It would be cool if someone in this community would like to work more on this part.

Look here for detailled information:


  • Very nice project, thank you for sharing it with us!
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