Transystem i-Blue 747A+

Hi Aol, Greetings from Italy!

I use your GREAT software for 3 years and it works very well.
I had a Qstarz 5Hz (can not remember the code) that they stole and now I should change.
I'm looking for the same Qstarz but I can not find on e-bay where I found the Qstarz BT-Q818XT 10Hz. works well with Racechrono?
Instead I found the Transystem i-Blue 747A+ or the i-Blue 747 who are also logger but I ask you: in navigation mode (No Datalogger) work like my old Qstarz 5 Hz?

Thank you


  • I-Blue 747A+ should work fine in navigation mode!
  • Finally, I have buy a 747PRO that can work in navigation mode with a 5Hz rate or save a data in a Loggger mode.
    Can I use a Logger Mode and transfer data on Racechrono (PC Version)?
    What kind of data Racechrono need to work with a Logger?

    Tank you Aol
  • Hallo, first thanks Aol for this great software. Here is Paolo from Italy too, and I have problems with importing data into Racechrono from the 747PRO... it says "0 satellites fixed" and can't retrieve data. But the iBlue works! I read something about using GPSBabel to fix the data, but I can't. Someone can help? Thank you so much
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