Hello, I would like to set a frequency on 1 Hz. How can I do it? Now it is automatically 5 Hz. I use Racechrono for trips (many hours) and when I export to gpx a file is so large. Thank you so much.


  • Unfortunately there is no way currently to keep it 1 Hz. I made the 5 Hz automatic because I was not thinking about other use cases than racing... Sorry :)
  • Oh no. Racechrono is much better then other programs, I like to see graph speed-distance or time during yourney. And consumption energy is low, 15 hours. When I use other programs, battery of my phone doesn´t last so much. Please, make a possibility to choose a frequency 1 Hz, otherwise I have to delete rounds in PSPad editor what takes my time... Thanks
  • You should be able to write a couple of lines of code (VBS/Perl) that will strip out every fifth line in the exported CSV.
  • andylaurence: very good advice :-/ I think easier is to adjust Racechrono, isn´t?
    And do you think that I am computer magician who can programme? I am not. In previous version it was ok, I really don´t know why is problem to have a possiblity to set frequency 1 Hz, 5 Hz or 10 Hz.
  • Sorry Paja for the inconvenience. Actually making any changes is quite big task, including testing on all 7 platforms and doing Symbian signing etc. But I see about that configuration option when I have other changes due.
  • The data logging frequency is only 5hz? If a use a 10hz Qstarz GPS it will only record at 5hz?
  • Paja,

    Re-compiling a product that serves thousands of users is not trivial. For you, it may seem trivial as all you have to do is download and install the new version.

    You don't need to be a magician to write a script to change the CSV. You do, however, have to receive advice gratefully and act on it rather than refusing to have a go. The latter will prevent you achieving what you desire. The code for VBS is quite easy:

    Set objInFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile("C:\path\to\racechrono\output.csv", 1)
    Set objOutFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile("C:\path\to\1Hz\output.csv", 2, True)
    intLineCounter = 0
    Do While objInFile.AtEndOfStream <> True
    intLineCounter = intLineCounter + 1
    strLine = objInFile.ReadLine
    if intLineCounter = 5 then
    intLineCounter = 0
    objOutFile.Write strLine
    end if

    Copy and paste that into notepad (changing the paths as appropriate) and save as something.vbs, then double-click it. It'll create a file with only 1 in 5 of the lines of the original.
  • aol, the data logging frequency is 5hz? If a use a 10hz Qstarz GPS it will only record at 5hz?
  • aol: Thank you so much!
    andylaurence: thank you, you are clever. I need to change gpx file, not csv, but it is also solved, because my friend is a magician and can do it by PSPad editor. But it takes 5 minutes and you know people are lazy, so I enjoy when Aol will change it. I know it is not easy, I only politely asked if it is possible to change it...

    P.S. in csv it is so easy, that I can do it without help. In rows I write a a a a b and then automatic filter and view just a, then i see 4 rows from 5, but problem is to convert to gpx and another problem is when I copy from gpx to csv, there is problem with lines. For example 200 000 rows is much for Excel or it changes to bad format (size). I need maximum size of file 12 MB.
  • RoNiN: RaceChrono only changes to 5 Hz if 1 Hz. So on 10 Hz XT the 1 Hz switch is actually 5 Hz with RaceChrono and the 10 Hz is still 10 Hz.
  • I see, thank you aol! I've just bought a Qstarz BT-Q818XT to use with RaceChrono.
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