BT-Q818XT NMEA sentences changed by RaceChrono

Dear all, I use RaceChrono with a BT-Q818XT GPS receiver connected to my Nokia 5800 and it works quite well. The problem I am facing now is that when I try to use the BT GPS receiver with the native navigator software on my Nokia mobile phone it does not work at all. The problem seems caused by the NMEA output settings change after RaceChrono use. In fact, before RaceChrono use, the NMEA output settings on the BT receiver are the following: GLL=0, RMC=1, VTG=0, GSA=1, GSV=1, GGA=1, ZDA=0, MCHN=0 and NOKIA navigator software works fine. After RaceChrono use the NMEA output settings change as follow: GLL=0, RMC=0, VTG=1, GSA=5, GSV=5, GGA=1, ZDA=5, MCHN=0 and Nokia navigator stops working. To make Nokia Navigator working again I need to connect the BT GPS receiver to the PC and I have to reset those parameters on the default values by the BT GPS receiver software. According to some tests I run, it seems that the RMC value set to 0 by RaceChrono is the cause of the Nokia Navigator malfunction. Does anyone experienced the same problem? Is it possible to avoid the NMEA output settings change by RaceChrono keeping both softwares working (RaceChrono and Nokia navigator)? Thanks for your help.


  • Unfortunately not possible to avoid this currently. I will fix it for the next version though.
  • Thank you very much aol. At least now I know that this is a normal behaviour for my equipment and there is nothing that is working bad.
  • aolaol
    edited July 2011
    BTW, you can probably remove the GPS battery prior using the navigation software. It should reset the sentence settings.
  • You are perfectly right! The NMEA output settings have been reset to the default values after about 1 minute of battery removal. Moreover, the AGPS almanac data have not been deleted and they are still loaded and usable on the GPS receiver.
    Sometimes I think you would be so bored and annoyed by our request. Thank you so much for your precious help and patience. Bye
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