Racechrono and OBDpros ?

I would like to know if the software Racechrono is fully compatible with OBDpros before I buy the OBD reader in USB (for a computer).

Thank you for your help.


  • Finally I've bought an OBDkey (USB) to be sure of the compatibilty...
  • I need to do more tests but RC freezes when I clic on "Pause".
    I've connected a GPS receiver Qstarz BT-818XT in USB and an OBDKey in USB to my carpc (Windows7).

    In Racechrono when I start a new session, everything goes well : there are GPS and OBD informations in Live Timer. But everytime I clic on Pause and then I clic on Yes, RC is freezing and says "not responding".

    Then I've tried without OBD and there is no problem ! So there is something wrong with my OBD parameters ?

    I've only put speed and RPM on OBD.

    I've put GPS and OBD on 115200 bauds both. Maybe I have to set the OBD bauds by default ?
    I will do some more tests soon.

    But maybe you have a solution ?
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