Start/Finish for Rallying rather than Circuit?

Hi there, I'm having trouble putting Start & Finish lines on the map for a rally stage. The data is recorded from the service area until service area meaning I get about 4 Stages (about 1hr 20min) for every session and when I try and add a start or finish point I don't know where to put them. Through the speed graph I can see where they are as the speed is at 0mph but I can't find that exact location on the map so at the moment I'm adding a Start/finish at the Service area and using all the data instead of just what I need.
I understand the software is mainly designed around Lapping a circuit with a set start/finish so thats not a problem but on 12mile rally stage it's very difficult (+ 3miles to get to the start and 3 mile back afterwards) Am I missing something really simple or is it going to just be a hard work. Here's what the map looks like -



And after lots of hard work I've got it to this on a the Vid I made giving credit to RaceChrono and RaceRender2

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