RC Vs Driftbox who to trust?

I have used Racechrono for a long time and just love it, i am vaiting for the droid version offcourse!

The latest lap and some lap that i want to compare to i exported to vbo format so a friend used to drifttools or circuittools i am not shure about the name could help me to analyse the laps

But the problem is that in that software the time is much slower, the track is Nürburgring and i use a qustarz 5hz mouse. it also always say the file need to be repaired, but the time is corrupt even if it is not repaired.

The time whas like this

8.47.25 in DB and 8.29 in RC
8.39.07 in DB and 8.34 in RC

Yes i know that it easy to say that offcourse you can trust RC but why is this happening though?

I have tried to compare RC againt the DL1 and there it whsa very exact, it whas on the same 1/100 !


  • The DriftTools/PerformanceTools shows wrong lap times for RaceChrono data when there are dropouts in the data (even after repair). I don't know why it is happening precisely, other than DriftTools is buggy when importing data from outside sources.
  • So in the normal case i can trust the logged time in RC and do not ned to be worried about getting faulty times in RC?
  • Yes and no. Yes; in respect that DriftTools showing different lap times. No; in respect that you should always check the data quality on finish line and start line. If trajectories look good near the start and finish (similar to the actual track, no jagged edges etc), then you can trust the lap time too.
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