RaceChrono 1.45 ?


RaceChrono 1.45, which is supposed to support RC2 protocol, as being said on RaceDAC website, doesn't appear at all on this website.

Can you give some details about this version ?

Note : I'm a Symbian user :)


  • Ah yes that. I put the Symbian version to the download section. The Windows version is not build yet as I've been too lazy to do anything about the old version. This is because I'm working very hard on the Android version. :)
  • plz dont forget your old windows mobile useres ;-)
  • aolaol
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    Norman: OK, I built them now. They are not tested yet, but you can try them from http://www.racechrono.com/download/files/
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    I can now finally enable $RC2 linecode in my data logger software :D
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    Just a few things.

    There seems to be not 'Hz' measurement anymore. By design ?
    Also I have Throttle Position assigned to Digital 2. It doesnt refresh for some reason however my other temps (Oil Temp, Coolant Temp, Intake Temp) are reading fine and refreshing.

    My logger is defanitely sending it correctly like before for $RC1.

    String Example

    35.49 is the TP ..
    Does RC2 not support decimal points and rounding any more ?

    Ill do some more Datalogging testing tomorrow, the race car is a bit loud to start at 10pm :) poor neighbours
  • aolaol
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    I didn't change anything else than added the $RC2 format. All those numbers should be integers, but I can't tell if RC will accept decimals. Are you using RaceDAC or some home grown logger?
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    The $RC1 string accepts decimals and rounds them to whole numbers. $RC2 doesn't seem to have this functionality.

    Not too much of a problem, I will have to convert the values as the logger outputs the string to serial as I have other functions of the logger that use decimal precision.

    The data logger is a commercail product i'm am developing with a friend, We have decided to support RaceChrono as a serial output.
  • hybridnz: The decimals were never officially supported, so better not use anything that is not in the specs. Anyway, good luck with your project!
  • @aol : thank you for this update ! The oldies (Symbian and WM6.5) are pleased to see some support from you !
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    @ AOL: Turns out that my test GPS wans't running .. well it was but for some reason RC wasn't picking up satellites.
    Anyway, RaceChrono started picking up the RC2 string and worked even with me sending it decimal numbers.

    So all is well :)

    Hopefully looking forward to channel labelling and decimal values in the andriod version ? ;)
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