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    Hello aol,

    I was using your program since wm6. I was using to track my moto,bicycle performance.
    Now i`m using mostly for bicycle because of an accident,now i`m restoring my leg. And I showed your app to my friends who are riding bicycles and they said that it`s awesome.
    Now all they are using it.

    And our wish is to use ant+ heartrate belt and cadence sensor with this app. Like obd. To add these stats to graphs. It will be very helpfull to analyze how you rode this track with different tires,but with same output and etc.

    Ass I looked the code isn`t so hard and if you have some time,you could add it like OBD?

    I think the moto is good,but if people could use it instead of endomondo or something else,it would be awesome.

    Best regards,
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    AmTx: I've been thinking about HRM support for some time now. MotoX riders will appreciate it too. I don't know too much about the belts, so can you advice me on which belts I should support?

    How do you connect to these Ant+ sensors from phone? Is it bluetooth?
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    The are a lot of belts, but most popular are Ciclosport,Garmin,Wahoo,but you can use any,that supports ant+.
    They are connected like bluetooth device. You can read on official page:
    Also in PlayMarket you can find demo ant+ app.
    For example on 3rd minute.
    Also,now only Sony smartphones have ant+,but I think there will be more phones supporting it.
    I`ll continue trying to help you.

    It`s for you:
  • This would be useful as BLE is not supported on all but the latest phones which have Bluetooth 4.
    Also many monitors such as cadance/speed sensors have ANT+ support. My HRM has both but my phone does not have BLE.
    It seems you install the ANT+ support from the play store, if your phone is supported it then will work, I guess you code against their libraries instead of anything in android directly.
    Both my Sony and Oneplus3 support ANT+.
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    All my devices with Android 4.4 or later seem to support Bluetooth LE. I have a quite an arsenal of devices here for testing. So it's definitely not rare thing anymore. Also OnePlus 3 seems to support it. I won't promise Ant+ support, but I guess it's a good idea to review again which devices actually support it. Back in 2012 when this thread was opened, there was just a couple of models that supported Ant+.
  • I would appreciate this feature, as I have 2 Garmin HR belts which only sends data with ANT+ protocol. And Oneplus 5 has that capability in HW, just had to install this tester

    And then it suggests the apps needed to actually be able to use the ANT+ HW in the mobile.

    There are a variety of ANT+ sensors, which all use the same protocol. Should be easy to use the API in RC?

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