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Accelerometer for performance tests

Having just found the android app, I've got my qstarz out and been having a play. Great app as ever :) Thanks for your hard work.

I miss the performance tests though, as they were what I used my old Nokia for, so if you are planning on adding them to the app, then that would be great. It may even prompt me to buy my first app in 5 years on android.

One thing we discussed on here a few years back was using the internal accelerometers to take care of standing starts. I have been using the performance box software for my recent tests but I found this under read compared to Race Chrono due to calculation differences to find the zero point. If using the accelerometers is an option that this would make things far more accurate for sure.

Keep up the great work, Andy


  • aolaol
    edited January 2014
    Hi Andy! I do plan to add them, but the development has been very slow. I will be definitely working on performance testing when spring comes and I get to ride my motorbike again.

    In fact one of the main reasons for the delay that is I'd like to use accelerometers to make the the performance calculation much more accurate, because it seems the internal GPS's on many Android phones is not accurate enough for this. It's just that I don't have the algorithms needed yet...

    I could release the feature with GPS only measurement, but then I'd risk bad reviews as most people don't really understand why they are getting inaccurate results.
  • Well I've got a benchmark of 0-60 in 4.67s and 30-60 in 2.45s from the Performance Box, so ready when you are ;-)

    If you want any features testing then I'm more than happy to burn some clutch material.

    Understand these things take time so keep up the great work.
  • If you need any help for this you can count me in too. I am still using my nokia N8 for this but it would be really cool if the android version had this!! Thanks for your good work!
  • Any news about to create a Performance Test with my Android (Samsung Cell Phone) ? thanks in advance.
  • I would be happy to test any mods you are working on in regards to performance data as well. I would like to see the ability to select an adjustable speed range such as 20 mph to 50 mph so that wheelspin or shifting variables do not enter into the results
  • Any news about this feature? Maybe go for the GPS only based solution but only allow it with external GPS hooked up ( to avoid use of the phones internal one)?
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